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30th FA Association
Hard Charger Reunion
10 - 15 June
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Founded 1 January 1995
WWI ~ WWII ~ Cold War ~ Vietnam ~ Current Support
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Our Regimental Room
Vietnam Wall
A Btry Fire Bases
UH-1 Huey Retirement
Agent Orange
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April 2019
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2018 Reunion Pictures
1-30th Fall Events (Ted Janosko)

12 October 1-30 FA Organizational Day at LETRA
16 November Gym Dedication, named after
         1LT Ligons and CPT Allmon
8 December 1-30th Christmas Party

1/30th Events (Continued)
Change of Command 2018
Christmas Party
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5th Bn 30th Arty
To all 30th FARA Members

The time is quickly running out for you to take advantage of reunion pricing at the hotel in Cleveland and the seats for the Cleveland Indians game. By putting off your registration, you might incur higher prices for your accommodations. Send in your registration forms now. The deadline is approaching fast.

Thanks, Hard Chargers