NEW Proposed Officers of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment Association - 2020-2022
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Association President - LTC Terry Hilt
 Association 1st Vice President - Mike Kunz
Association 2nd Vice President - Dan Mitchell HHB/1/30
Association Secretary - Bob Waldron C/ 1/30
AssociationTreasurer - John Dynes A/1/30
Association Membership Darrell Comer B/1/30th
Historian - Dan Gillotti HHB/1/30

Past President - COL (R) Ted Janosko
Past Honorary COL of the Regiment - William C Bilo, BG (R)
Proposed Honorary COL of the Regiment - COL (R) Frank J Siltman
Past Honorary SGM of the Regiment - E Wayne Crabtree 1SG (R)
Proposed Honorary SGM of the Regiment - SGM (R) John Hoetker
Proposed Honorary CWO - Vacant

Bereavement Officer & Newsletter Editor - John Dynes Maj (R) A/1/30th
Chaplain - Roger Edwards C/6/16
Veterans Services - Pat Little A/1/30
 Quartermaster - Charles Causey B/2/30 MSL
 Webmaster - Saverio Grimaldi A/1/30th