Officers of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment Association - 2018 - 2020

1st Battalion 30th Field Artillery Battalion Commander
LTC Terry Hilt
1st Battalion 30th Field Artillery Regiment Command Sergeant Major
CSM Reginald Atkinson
Honorary Colonel of the Regiment
Col (R) Frank J Siltman, 3/30
Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment
CSM (R) John Hoetker, A/5 MSL/ BN/ 30th ARTY

Association President - Ted Janosko 30th Reg
 Association 1st Vice President & Historian -Dan Gillotti HHB/1/30
Association 2nd Vice President - Dan Mitchell HHB/1/30
Association Secretary - Bob Waldron C/ 1/30
AssociationTreasurer - John Dynes A/1/30
Association Membership Darrell Comer B/1/30th

Former Honorary Col of the Regiment - William C Bilo, BG (R)
Former Honorary SGM of the Regiment - E Wayne Crabtree 1SG (R)

Bereavement Officer & Newsletter Editor - John Dynes Maj (R) A/1/30th
Chaplain - Roger Edwards C/6/16
Veterans Services - Pat Little A/1/30
 Quartermaster - Charles Causey B/2/30 MSL
 Webmaster - Saverio Grimaldi A/1/30
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