July 31, 2012

To All My Comrades in Arms

After a lot of discussion and even more memory searches, we decided at the last reunion that the following is a list of fire bases that “A” Battery 1st BN 30th Artillery, 1st Cavalry Division occupied during my tenure as Battery Commander from January 1970 through August 1970. The battery headquarters was located in Tay Ninh and relocated to Phouc Vinh during the same time frame. Because the battery was “split” (3 guns on each fire base) we have, to the best of our recollection, broken them down into two platoons.

First Platoon:

FSB Jamie – Ann (Tin Yon SF FB) January 1970
FSB Ann – FSB Flashner February 1970
FSB Flashner – FSB Drum March 1970
FSB Drum – Ann (SF Base Tin Yon) March 1970
Ann – FSB Illingsworth (Convoy) March 1970
FSB Illingsworth – Phouc Vinh (BN Hdqtrs) April 1970
Phouc Vinh – FSB Snuffy (Bugi Mop) May 1970
FSB Snuffy – FSB Spear (Cambodia) May 1970
FSB Spear – Phouc Vinh July 1970
Phouc Vinh – FSB Nancy (Convoy) July 1970
FSB Nancy – FSB Greene August 1970

Second Platoon:

FSB Ike – FSB Sandra February 1970
FSB Sandra – FSB Annie February 1970
FSB Annie – FSB Heather March 1970
FSB Heather – Phouc Vinh March 1970
Phouc Vinh – Ann (Tin Yon) April 1970
Ann – Blondin May 1970
Blondin – Katum May 1970
Katum – FSB West II June 1970
FSB West II – FSB Gary Owens July 1970

As I said earlier, this is the best we can reconstruct. If anyone can help, we would appreciate your help. Great visiting with all of you. See you next year. My best to you all! God Bless...Norm Johnson, Formerly “A” Battery Commander
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