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Thank you for visiting our hardchargers.com website. We are proud Artillerymen, who have served our country were called to duty. The purpose of the Association is to establish and maintain a fraternal, non-profit corporation to bring together those who have served honorably with, or are now serving in the 30th FA Regiment. We are dedicated to basic, traditional American principles of love of our country, respect for our flag, and the rule of law. We honor our comrades, preserve and strengthen comradeships between members, gather historical materials, and maintain support for our heritage as Field Artillerymen. Our membership has grown to over 200.

Our website is constantly under construction. Changes and additions occur frequently. We are a growing association and we try to keep our website current and active. For those who are interested in joining, email our Membership Chairman, he will contact you within a few days or download an application from this website and mail it to the address on the application.

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To email Membership Chairman: membership@hardchargers.com
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We would like to hear from you. Thanks
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